Rich Mullins had a way with words

“You know sometimes we think everything is changing but I’ll tell you what, the same moon is up there tonight. The same stars that Abraham saw, they are all up there and the same God that put them there and made them shine He’s still there too … and I don’t know what life has for you … I don’t know what life has for me .. but I know this, I know that God is good and I know that God does not lie and I know that God has given us the gift our lives … Sometimes we wish He would have given us someone else’s life. But He chose to give you your life. Don’t despair of it … you are going to have needs in your life and God is going to meet those needs His way and His time … We don’t need to judge God’s way of doing stuff. It gets done. I hope you know that. I hope you trust Him. I hope you experience Him in every moment of your life because apart from Him there is really not a lot of point in living.”

Rich Mullins

Be blessed.


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