The Legacy of Rich Mullins

I want to share a few thoughts on this man and his music. It was twenty-three years ago today that Rich Mullins was called home. As a new believer, back in 1982, I used to listen to his music, but after marriage, and childbearing years not much time was left for God. After years of … Continue reading The Legacy of Rich Mullins

Rich Mullins – A voice from the past

As Americans, we tend to create heroes. We create idols, e.g., movie stars, and recording artists. How often have people on the front lines of this pandemic been referred to as heroes (no negativity intended)? For a variety of reasons, we always seem to put certain people on pedestals. Why is that? And then there's … Continue reading Rich Mullins – A voice from the past

God NEVER changes…God NEVER Fails

Good morning everyone. Well, I am not counting days anymore. Unless, God takes a different turn, most of us are home bound until April 30. Praise God that we can go out for fresh air and exercise. Prayers for those that keep this country moving forward and those medical professionals that are working to save … Continue reading God NEVER changes…God NEVER Fails