The Legacy of Rich Mullins

I want to share a few thoughts on this man and his music. It was twenty-three years ago today that Rich Mullins was called home. As a new believer, back in 1982, I used to listen to his music, but after marriage, and childbearing years not much time was left for God. After years of trying to be right with God… ten years ago I was led back to the music of Rich Mullins. I couldn’t understand the attraction, but it was powerful. I listened and listened to his powerful words. The Lord wanted me to listen. There was a message in his music.

I never attended any Rich Mullins concerts. As a young Christian I’d listen to his music, but in all honesty it was after a bad marriage, a bad divorce, single parenting, a teen pregnancy, grand-parenting, unemployment, years of trying to understand why God has allowed so much heartache in my life… etc… that I was led back to his music. His music led me to the cross and to my Savior. I can’t say the church was any support because it wasn’t. It was the ministry of one man that delivered me back to my God. It’s a long story, but today I see the world as it is… a temporary home. I am only passing through.

The Lord has a purpose for every life here… and we may not always recognize that purpose… but eventually the light comes on. God has been merciful and gracious to me and mine, in obedience and disobedience. And He never left me where He found me. Today, I am amazed at what God has done in my life. In my 60 years, 38 of those in and out of church, a more inspiring life I have not encountered than that of the late great Rich Mullins. To be more like Jesus, that’s my one desire, my one thing… nothing more.

His music and ministry was not to make Rich Mullins a superstar, or a cult figure and certainly not to create a cult following. Neither of which Rich ever desired. The message was simple and it took a few years to get that message to sink in, but it did. The message… be God’s. Y’all recognize it?

I think if anyone knew how difficult it was to accept the love of God – it had to be Rich Mullins. Today, when Christians share their struggles their sufferings I suggest they add the music of Rich Mullins to their daily time with God, nobody else’s. I never met him. Those that did would probably say I’m way off. But this is what I’ve gathered from his interviews and music.

Rich Mullins 1955-1997

Man of God – Rich Mullins

As he walked into the building His presence filled the room. In his tattered jeans, and white v-neck tee shirt he took the stage to impress no one, only to sing praises to his God. And the Lord listened and filled the room with His love.

His appearance was not what anyone would expect of someone so famous. A broken life, a broken heart, his life was less than perfect, but he lived it.

Pursued by the living God, he experienced God’s love like few ever will. He was a stranger in this land as all children of God should be, and step by step, he followed his Heavenly Father. It was not always a pleasant experience, but he knew his Father was with him and leading him everywhere he went.

He came in the spirit and power of Elijah to bring a nation to their knees, to deliver the message of God’s love to a nation drowning in self-righteousness and condemnation. As typical, few listened.

His time on Earth would be only for a moment. He knew this place was not his home, but he made the best of it, and like his predecessors the message that he would deliver would live on.

A prophet finds no favor in his home. They deliver their message and then they go to be with their Father.

Glory to God.

Thanks for reading.


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