We must be careful what we pray for…

We must be careful what we pray for...

On our trip to Phoenix, I caught this photo of a wrecked vehicle sitting of to the side of the road, left abandoned, it seemed. The police were there investigating the wreckage. It was an interesting image that I took a couple of weeks ago…did not give it any mind, until I started reading Samuel.

Anyway, I am up to 1 Samuel in my year through the Bible and the Lord continues to reveal Himself to me. I am always left in awe. How good is my God!

Well, I started reading 1 Samuel earlier in the week. As I read, it was much the same as in previous books, God taking care of His people, testing them and indulging at times. When I got to chapter 10, God was upset with His children as they were demanding a king. “But today you have rejected your God, who saves you from all your calamities and your distresses, and you have said to him, ‘Set a king over us.’”  It got me to thinking about my requests. I have been struggling for a while, and in all that time the Lord has always taken care of me. No, He has not blessed me in abundance, but He has met my needs. His grace is sufficient, as the Word says.

Recently, because of my continued circumstances, I continually ask the Lord to search me, to show me what I am doing wrong, to show me what in me was holding Him back from blessing me.  Why don’t you bless me? I cried out to the Lord. As I pondered the scripture, my requests were presented to me, and the Lord showed me truth. My requests: a job, a car, or at least blessing the work of my hands, maybe a husband to at least take care of my needs. The last eight years have left me what has been defined as nothing less than a beggar.  Even though the Lord has sustained me, others do not see any evidence of His grace. Others, non-believers and believers alike measure me by the standards of the world. Shame on Christians, they should know better.

Anyway…what did God say you ask?  He was quite clear. In asking for these things, God said ” I have always provided for you, and you too reject me by asking for these “things” these worldly counterparts. Things that do not satisfy. God provided, protected and sustained me all these years and I was telling Him, it was not sufficient. I needed to work. If anything, I told the Lord that fellow Christians believe I am wrapped up in some sort of sin and that is why the Lord does not bless me.  I asked Him…Lord, in me asking for these things is that the same as asking for a king? Lord, what are you saying? I prayed.

I prayed and told God, OK. I accept this from you, but show me, confirm to me that this is from you and not just my thoughts judging me. So, God being God, did that just and the next day, it was confirmed.

Sometimes, as Christians, we ask God for things that we believe He wants us to have, such as work and basic stuff.  We forget that God knows all our needs, even before we ask. So He gives us what we want and the result is wrecked lives.  Like Rich Mullins sang…

“Surrender don’t come natural to me
I’d rather fight You for something I don’t really want
Than to take what You give that I need…

Rich Mullins – Hold Me Jesus

No one knows the heart of man, except God. Sure, we need to work to provide for our needs, but it is God that directs our path. Is there a job for me out there, somewhere? Perhaps, maybe not according to the ways of this world, but my desire is to do the will of the Father. Seriously, this world is quickly fading and those still caught up in the world will have a difficult time separating. If anything they will be easier to lead astray.  Praise be to our God!


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