Who is the culprit?

Inevitably, every trial has something to teach us. When trouble comes, I always look for a spiritual lesson. This one experience reiterates what I say, we should always know our enemies, but in some situations it’s difficult to really point the finger, especially when we let our guard down. Well, let me say, my husband and I were able to avoid the COVID-19 virus for over two years, and during the worst of it in 2020. Come the calm of 2022 and we just didn’t see it coming. This new rise in COVID cases includes seven family members infected in one week. In San Antonio, we all experienced symptoms within a couple of days of each other. In North Carolina, my in-laws beginning feeling sick within a couple of days of going to the grocery store. First time for all of us. Yucky feeling! It was quick too. Here, I was the first one to develop symptoms, so chances are, I was exposed first. My husband woke up to some bad back pain on Sunday, but otherwise ok. My daughter started experiencing symptoms on Tuesday and she was down yesterday, but a bit better today. She can’t shake the chills. My two sisters tested positive today, but I am not quite sure when they first noticed symptoms.

Where did I pick this up?

I have no clue, but it could have been anywhere. I, nevertheless created a timeline to see where I might have been exposed. I am sure it was within the last couple of weeks before symptoms appeared. First, my husband and I were down in Corpus Christi from July 5-7. We also drove to South Padre before we went to CC. In Corpus, we stayed at a hotel on the bay front. Maybe a handful of guests were wearing masks there, which I didn’t care for, but couldn’t do much about it. Guests didn’t mind packing the elevator either. The only other place we did not wear a mask was at the restaurant where we ate dinner. My husband was not that concerned. He was confident we’d be ok, so we went mask less, at least the first day at the hotel. When people started coughing and sneezing and not covering up, I chose to mask up.

Could have been guests in my home

On Wednesday, my grandson’s therapist was here. My niece from Germany had visited our home on Thursday. She had been prohibited from flying because she tested positive for COVID, but no doubt she had to test negative to fly to the U.S.

Vaccinated and masked in public

We are both fully vaccinated and of course we wear our mask in public. My husband and I had forgone the second booster, but two of my sisters did opt for the second booster. Except for my new grandson and great-granddaughter, my family are all vaccinated. My in-laws in North Carolina are also fully vaccinated.

It’s mostly allergies

On Friday, July 15, I had been feeling a bit tired and coughing some, but it’s usual for me when my allergies act up. On Saturday, July 16, I had been out with my sisters and felt ok during our outing, but after I got home, I begin feeling very tired. By Saturday evening I was in bed coughing, hacking freezing, aching, sneezing, my eyes were hurting. I had told my daughters that I was not feeling good, so my oldest sent over a COVID home test with my other daughter, “Just to rule out COVID.” she said. Me and my oldest suffer from allergies all year long. It’s not unusual for them to knock us down once or twice a year. The one symptom that was new was the chills. Still, my house is always cold, so I just put on a sweater. That’s my rational. Well, even the sweater did not warm me up. I spent the day in bed on Sunday. I was feeling a tad better on Monday. On Tuesday I was still tired but managed to clean my bathroom and that’s when it hit me. I am not smelling the clean fresh scents after cleaning the bathroom. I was ready to clean it again. It just had not occurred to me that it could be COVID until I finished cleaning. I was expecting to get a whiff of “clean” and got nothing.

So, where did I pick up this enemy? Sure, it’s just a virus, but this one little virus took down seven people, ages, 34 to 90 within a matter of days. Another sister was exposed too, but she has not tested yet. We were as protected as we could be and still fell victim. My husband says it’s crazy how we all came down with it. His folks in North Carolina and us here in Texas. That’s an enemy that has all bases covered.

Lesson for the day – The enemy doesn’t care how much protection I carry. When he attacks he already knows he has advocates. But I am reminded that I have an advocate in Jesus Christ and He will guard my heart and mind. Scripture says to fear not. Jesus said He would never leave me, or forsake me. Even as we face this virus and encounter people that no longer see COVID as a threat doesn’t mean that it isn’t. Just because other people have faith to face this virus without vaccines, or social distance, doesn’t mean that they won’t be the instrument that the enemy uses to attack others. I would not want my faith to be used in such a way.

“Let each of you look out not only for his own interests, but also for the interests of others.”

Philippians 2:4

This is my timeline. I have looked at it, over and over again to try and determine which day could have been the mostly likely day of transmission. After visits with four different doctors, chances are it could have been transmitted anywhere.


(1) South Padre – Day trip - July 5
Corpus Christi July 5-7 (very few people wearing a mask)
(2) Wednesday, July 6 - HEB, PINS & The Longhorn Steakhouse (waitress no mask)
(3) Thursday, July 7 - The Goodwill, and the Christian thrift store (customers and emps not wearing a mask) 
(4) Friday, July 8 - Home with Jasper
(5) Saturday, July 9 - Home, Sara goes to the beach, JJ stays overnight
(6) Sunday, July 10 – Home, Walmart, CTS
(7) Monday, July 11 – Home with Jasper, Dinner at Erin’s.
(8) Tuesday, July 12 - Erin takes Jasper half day
(9) Wednesday, July 13 - Jasper PT-ECI
(10) Thursday, July 14 - Jasper, took care of GG for a couple of hours. Madison was here briefly, Maria & Marisa visit, my allergies have been bothering me, so feeling a little tired with mild coughing.
(11) Friday, July 15 – Home with Jasper
(12) Saturday, July 16 – Out with sisters, but feeling ok. First noticeable symptoms after I got home that afternoon.
(13) Sunday, July 17 - In bed, Jeff wakes up with some back pain.
(14) Monday, July 18 – Home with Jasper, still feeling a bit tired, but functioning.
(15) Tuesday, July 19 - Jasper half day – cleaning – notice no sense of smell – Kate complains of chills, Jeff returns from fishing trip feels worsening back pain, Test positive
(16) Thursday, July 21, 2022 – My two sisters test positive for COVID-19

Y’all be safe and be blessed.


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