A voice from the past-the late, great Rich Mullins

One criticism I would make of evangelical Christianity, is that it is marked by movements. You know, we had back in the Seventies, the Time Management Movement, that became very important. Then there was the Spiritual Gift Movement, and everyone got really interested in spiritual gifts. Then there was the, you know, Jesus Is Coming Again Movement. You know, we just hop from one new fascination to another, and never really get into the depths of any of them, and pretty much obscure the real meaning, and certainly, empty the real power of all these things that suggest greatness. Does that make sense? And I think that what we like, I think because, maybe more than ever before, twentieth-century people live without any identity. We live without any sense of being anything other than a consumer, other than something that needs. Other than something that has wants. I mean, many of us define ourselves in terms of sexual preference, we define ourselves in terms of recreational preferences, you know what I mean is? Yeah, so who are you, what do you do, what do you like. We talk about ourselves in those kinds of terms. And I think that it’s largely because we live on sensation, and we very seldom get beyond sensation, into anything that’s really essential. And I think it’s because we’re afraid if we ever get past, if we ever get past this little shallow thing that we’re playing out, that we’re gonna find that there’s nothing under it. I find that what parades itself as piety often is nothing but pure doubt. That it’s really agnosticism dressed up in a lot of religious jargon.

R. Mullins [Soul 2 Soul: The Jesus Record Special, 1998]

“Someday we’ll be called to give an account. And I don’t think our crown will be the music we wrote, I don’t think our crown will be the words we wrote. I think it will be how we have built up the body of Christ, how we have torn down walls of suspicion and walls of fear. How we have shed light on false doctrines, how we’ve been encouraging, on truth, those are the things I think – and how that affects lives. And how we made Jesus visible.”

R. Mullins [Soul 2 Soul: The Jesus Record Special, 1998]

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