Death is always near…

Here we are in the middle of a pandemic. The bars and nightclubs are closed, as are many restaurants that sell alcoholic beverages.

Well, my daughter was taking a friend to work early this morning, about 3:30 am. She had dropped off her friend at work and was heading home. She was stopped at a three-way stop. She said she saw a car coming up on her rear. It appeared to be coming very fast. Well, as she started to go, next thing she felt was her care take off, into what she felt was a flip, but in fact, was an out of control spin. Yup, her car spun a couple of times before it landed in a ditch, on the opposite side of the road, facing the direction from whence she started. The car was totaled. The driver, drunk! His car too, was totaled. And he was arrested for drunk driving.

My daughter was banged up and in severe pain. And because she was having trouble walking, she was taken to the ER to get checked out. But with the restrictions in place, no one could go in with her to the ER. Her dad and I had to wait out in the parking lot. She was in shock, but I am so thankful that God was watching out for her. And that she was not seriously injured. 

We all have a last hour. I Praise God, that this morning was not my daughter’s last hour. COVID19 has complicated our lives, but the Creator of all things is still in control.

Be blessed.


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