We have a Father in Heaven

We cannot fathom the thoughts of our Father in heaven. In the midst of this pandemic chaos, He still speaks. Hence, it’s always about having ears to hear. There’s a story most of us have heard growing up. It’s been passed on from generation to generation. It’s the story of God. You can find this story in the Bible. It’s a rather simple story. It goes something like this…

God created the heavens and the earth. He made the land and oceans and everything in them. He created all sorts of birds and animals. He created the sun to guide us in the day and moon to guide us a night. He created the likeness of Himself in man and woman. He gave them rules to live by, animals and plants to feed from. In this vast void, he created a place for them to live out with all their needs met. And He gave them only one no-no. He said, “Do not eat off the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. When you do, you are sure to die.” Well, one fine day, the woman is out for a walk. She comes upon the tree and the woman heard this little voice in her head, “Did God really say that…? And she carries on this conversation with the voice in her head. That was enough for her to go :/ hmm, and she ate. Then she took some to the man and he did not even question the woman, he just took the fruit and ate.

So God is out taking a walk and He’s starts calling out the man. Well, guess what? He was hiding. The man was scared to come out because he didn’t have any clothes on. And God asked the man, “Who told you that you had no clothes on? God was like, “You guys ate from the tree, didn’t you?” And God had to punish the man and the woman for breaking the only rule He gave them to follow. Well, the rest was not pretty. If anything, from that point on, the man and woman had to work hard for everything they needed and wanted. And the woman, well she had to suffer tremendously just to give birth.

Well, the story goes that God wanted to be able to talk to the man He created. So, from that point on, He worked at restoring His relationship with the man. And He had set up all these different ways to keep in touch, but they too were burdensome. He found special men that were willing to hear Him and He used them to communicate with His people. He found one man, so special – that He made a tremendous promise to that one man. God was going to take care of every single detail. He just needed the man to listen and obey when He called on him. He asked that of all those He called.

So, to make things right again between Him and the man. God chose to send His Son. That was the only thing He could do. Yup! God sacrificed His only Son, who was given the name Emmanuel (Jesus), who was willing to give Himself as a ransom for all man, giving him back the ability to communicate with their Creator.

The Son of God came to earth, vulnerable as could be, but still holy and still powerful. Obedient to death. Every single detail for the Son’s visit was taken care of, from His birth, to His life and ministry, and finally His death, burial and resurrection. Most people would think that was the end of the story, but it was only the beginning of His new mission, to reconcile man back to God and Jesus still had to give man the Holy Spirit. There was still much work to do.

He called a few men. He taught them God’s new plan for them and then He let them go into the world to spread the good news… of Jesus and this new plan for salvation. If man wants to have any communication with God, He must now go through Jesus.

This year the focus will not be on those big Easter parades, egg hunts, family gathering, but I can almost bet that many people will be looking to the heavens. And guess what Jesus is risen. Honk your horns! Jesus is risen!!!


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