In the new normal-God is the same

Good morning. It’s Monday. Many of us would be like ugh! It’s Monday. Come on, the weekend is too short. So often, we are ready for Friday, on Monday. So for my husband and I, Mondays would be rising at 6:15am get dressed, fix breakfast for my 7 year old grandson, get him fed, dressed and drop him off at school. My husband is the one that drops them off. His school is a couple of block up. So while, he’s dropping of the one, I start working on the second grandson. He’s thirteen, going on 30 (I thought it was only girls who did that…) So if he isn’t up my husband takes his turn. Yes. This boy is not a morning person. Anyway, we repeat. So since they are doing online instruction, starting today, well our morning are just a bit different.

Yes, we can stay up a little later, and sleep a little later. It’s so cool! I think that’s what retirement is really like for some-not for folks that have grandparent duties – by choice.

So our normal day has changed. IMG_7780As you can see from the photo we start with our daily reading/writing and move straight to our crafts. Mine are to the right. Not in the picture. I wanted to share something that the Lord showed me last night. Yes. It is so cool! I hope you guys will come back. We have to make a run to the pharmacy to pick up some meds.

Yesterday, the news reported the first the first spread of the coronavirus at the local HEB grocery store. So, out we go to Walmart. Hopefully, we can get in and out quickly.

I will share when I get back. Post to you later. It’s about our role as believers in this time of “Oh my goodness! What next!”



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