It’s Friday!

“It’s Friday!” Hmm, doesn’t seem to have the same level of enthusiasm – as say – a couple of weeks ago. We’ve been at home for the last seven days, except for a couple of clinic appointments. So, really – everyday was Friday.

Well, storms blew in last night, bringing in some much needed rain. So, last night we went to bed listening to the beautiful, booming sounds of thunder. It was so amazing. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d heard such beautiful music. So, today we woke up to the rhythm of the falling rain, or rather heavy drizzle. Yay!  I’m good with either one. The storm also brought in cooler temps – 57 degrees is still cold to me. So the view in the video is my view where I sit and write.

This new normal – is still to new to get use to. I was writing on Facebook this morning about how social distancing is not really new. We practice a sort of social distancing, either by choice, or necessity. With our time so consumed with work, school, etc. there’s just enough, or barely enough time to spend time with the kids, and then we have other obligations that demand our time.

I dare say most of us probably don’t even know our neighbors. And now is not the time to start being neighborly. This is when the wave from across the street works best. So, for us here in San Antonio, we are moving about only as needed, or required. We sit and wait. April 18 is a date to look forward to – we trust in God – that restrictions will be lifted and we will get an “all clear.”

So, yall be blessed. Have a safe quiet weekend. #flattenthecurve



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