Quieter nights ahead…

Here’s a view from my backyard.It’s mIMG_7697ost of what I see  these days. On the image on the right you can see the work they’ve done on the apartments.

So, yesterday Mayor Nirenberg, ordered all non-essential businesses to temporarily close. Apparently, San Antonio was the last major Texas city to take this drastic measure to contain the coronavirus. Dallas ISD has suspended the remainder of the school year. I am waiting to see if San Antonio school districts will follow. It’s a cruel waiting game. Surreal. I haven’t gone out in a few days. Today, I have a followup appointment with the cataract specialist. They didn’t cancel it, which I am relieved that didn’t. My eye has been causing me a lot of discomfort. 

So, everything was shutdown last night. My daughter went to the gas station to get some sweets, and said the area looked like a ghost town.

So my daughters, came across and old movie from 2011, titled Contagion. Now, that movie will make you think. Yes, it’s only a movie, but compared to the movie what we are experiencing now is nothing. I was doing some reading on Smallpox. It was the last pandemic that took millions of lives around the world.

Do you know what that is a picture of off (besides my arm)? It was a vaccination for Smallpox. I got when I was very young. I remember it hurt and itched like crazy. Did you know that Smallpox was not completely eradicated until 1979? I didn’t.

So anyway, watching the movie Contagion was like watching events unfolding today – except for the incubation period. If you’ve never watched the movie, you should watch it. It might give you new perspective, or scare you even more.

Either way,

Psalm 115:3 says “But our God is in heaven; He does whatever He pleases.”

So around here, I am looking for signs of normalcy. And I am despite so many new regulations, ordinances, protocols, recommendations…people just want it to be normal again.

Be back later. Blessing to all.

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