The Sounds of normalcy

Well, it’s day number five of self-isolation. During Spring Break, we had driven up to NC to see my husbands folks. He wanted to go visit before this outbreak got even more serious. Well, even as we visited the concerns over infection and containment were growing worse. We weren’t able to visit with his siblings because they were battling stomach viruses, but it was a good visit. Anyway, as we were driving back, I was playing my games and I kept getting alerts from our local news stations. Situation had grown worse. I was remembering when the World Trade Center had been attacked. I heard it one the news on my way to class. By the time I got to class the second tower and the Pentagon had been attacked. It was horrible. So, when we finally made it home, my husband decided it was better for us to stay home and just wait out this pandemic. So we’ve been home. My daughter has been very patient dealing with all the craziness at the stores. Bless her heart.

While the whole country has gone crazy (That’s all I’m going to say.). I’m not too concerned about this new virus, though I am in the category of the most susceptible population, listening to the sounds outside, it sounds so normal. The noise from I-10 traffic can still be heard. The apartments behind our townhouse caught fire last year, and construction workers are working on gutting them out and they are making a lot of noise. My husband is sitting on the porch working on his wood crafts. It’s a bit overcast, but the sun is out. It’s very humid. I think we are suppose to get rain tomorrow, but who knows. I don’t believe it until I see it. I hear the sounds of everyday life happening. It reminds me of a scene from the movie 1951 The Day the Earth Stood Still, where the broadcaster is reporting on the alien and reports you can still see signs of normalcy.

My youngest daughter and my grandson share a home with us, so he’s home from school. He’s in the first grade. Now that school has gone online we are stepping in to help with his instruction. My daughter has the ability to work from home, so she was sent home yesterday for an indefinite period of time.

So, for an indefinite period of time, staying home, reading, praying, drawing close to the Creator of all things, getting creative in all we must do, waiting, watching, and constant washing of hands, keeping a distance from one another, for now that’s the new normal.

Praying, drawing close God, trusting in God, this things should not be new – to any believer. But if it is –  well – then it’s their wake up call.

Practicing good hygiene is not new, although people tend to be lax.

If you must keep the distance, but hold tight to the one that has the power of life in His hands. Blessing to all.

Reporting from San Antonio, Texas



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