Lesson from Big Bend National Park

The Lord is so great. He provides unlimited opportunities for man to learn of Him. All we have to do is look around. I wanted to share what the Lord showed me (below) followed by a few pics from our day trip to the park. It was a last minute trip for us, on our way to the McDonald Observatory, so we did the scenic drives and stopped to take in the rustic beauty of the St Elena Canyon. The scenic drives took most of the day. If you haven’t been there yet – it is an awesome place to visit. Thank you for reading. 

For those that can see beyond the surface, the desert has its own captivating beauty. It holds the meaning of life, peace, and all good things. Free from encumbrances and indulgences that ensnare the mind, the desert provides a place to wonder.

Stand on the dry hard, seemingly lifeless wasteland and notice life endures and thrives in the harsh environment. Surrounded by majestic mountains, a river that gives and takes life, inhabited by wildlife living ever so inconspicuous, the desert waits to reveal its beauty and fierce power. Mountains show of their layers of scars. Centuries of existence undisturbed by man, could not evade the effect of time itself. The desert lays sleepily as if waiting for an acknowledgment.

Well-traveled roads lead to the desert, but it’s not a place to be stranded, unprepared. Well-travel roads lead to life, ostensibly far greater, outwardly, but inwardly there is no life. Life can endure, it can thrive amid death. By divine design, it has self-preservation built-in.


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