Prayer – does not make all things better

It doesn’t. Prayer is a conversation with your Creator. Just like having a conversation with a real father doesn’t make things better – instantly. It all depends on the circumstances.

Two of my grand kids were in a car accident earlier. My only granddaughter and my oldest grandson were rear-ended by of all people a teenage driver. Oh my gosh! Good thing his mother was in the car. All she said was that he looked down for a moment. Does that mean he looked down at his phone? She wasn’t about to admit it if he did. It didn’t really matter. I was just thankful that my grand-kids were not seriously injured.

As you can imagine all sorts of scenarios went through my head. It could have been tragic. As soon as I heard car accident I started praying. My daughter had called just to let us know. No details. She said she would call as soon as she had more info. She and the kids mother, my other daughter, had driven to the scene of the accident. The police and EMS were at the scene. It was chaotic. Traffic is always horrible, but it gets 100 times worse during this time of year.

Three days before Christmas and all through the city people were jamming the parking lots and the stores. They were running red lights, passing cars on the left and the right to get one car length ahead. What’s the hurry? Many stores are open 24 hours for the next 72 hours!

So prayer may not make you feel better – instantly, but isn’t it wonderful that we have someone – not of this world – that listens to our prayers – takes note and in due time – meets our needs. Yes, my grand kids were in a car accident – it could have been much worse, but I pray for their safety daily – asking God to protect their every step. Thank you Jesus, for your grace and your mercy.

Be safe out there.

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