Psalm 147:7-11

During trying times is when we tend to realize what really matters.  My birthday was yesterday and Christmas is four days out. Any other year these dates would take priority, especially Christmas. 

As a grandparent I want my grandkids to enjoy the holiday season. It’s fun. School’s out, so everyone can stay up later and sleep in, watch more tv, especially Christmas movies, old favorites and new releases, and best of all no homework. 

It was not enough to lose my dear friend in November. I am still missing her. She was my ally. She was my sounding board when it came to my children. We prayed for each other. We had each other’s back. Now she’s gone and only in God can I confide, which is ok. Now my struggles go straight to the ears of God. 

This school break and really most of December has been spent caring for sick grandkids. Ear infections, ruptured eardrums, staph infections, cold and congestion..ugh!!! It’s been messy. My 10 year old grandson’s staph infection required hospitalization. He gave us a scare. His mom was frantic, but she showed tremendous strength dealing with her two sons. I was so proud of her. I pray for my grandsons continually and still they fall prey…

I am so thankful that I serve a God whose eyes are continually on His children. His mercy is immeasurable and His grace sufficient. I am thankful that my grandson made it to the ER before the staph infection could cause more harm. 

These season I am so thankful that my children and grandchildren can experience the mercy and grace of the living God. I am thankful for the nurses that took care of my grandson. He may be 10, but he is just a big baby and the nurses were awesome with him. IV’s are difficult for adults and we understand why we need it, but children don’t always understand that the torture they experience is for their good. My grandson to the nurse…  “I want to wait for my grandma.” Nurse: “No. It can’t wait!” Grandson: “Please! Why are you being so mean? You are being mean!”

Christmas is a time of giving and sharing, but for me it’s a time to remember all the blessings of God that have nothing to do with material gain. It’s a time to remember the mercy that He extends to his children though we are undeserving, but that’s His grace that he gives abundantly. Praise God for His faithfulness this holiday season and all year long. 


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