END TIMES WARNING: Looking for Info in All the Wrong Places

End Times Prophecy Report

EVERYONE WANTS A WARNINGEVERYONE WANTS A WARNING: But most don’t believe the Bible so they will have no warning.

Everyone is looking for information about the future.

Many are specifically looking for information of the end times.

There are many warning about the times in the Bible. But most don’t believe the Bible (regardless of what those who hang out in the churches may claim).

Though many don’t believe the Bible, even the heathen and the workers of iniquity know that something isn’t quite right. Every day brings news of uprisings, earthquakes, calamities. Whenever the latest act of man-created chaos occurs, many go scurrying.

“What does it mean?”

So, everyone seems to be looking for a heads-up.

Concerning such, there seems to be an explosion of websites offering “prophetic words” or “words of prophecy.” Some of these sites are more clever than others. But most seem…

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