Nov. 4 Midterm Elections are over…

Well, it looks like Texas will remain red for another few years. I haven’t decided if that’s a good thing or not. I know I should feel encouraged, because conservatives tend to hold to more traditional views, but in Texas…I am sorry, but there’s a lot of wolves hiding behind the cross. I read a quote online, on an independent voter network I thought fit this election quite well (if not all elections)…”Democracy is like watching two wolves and sheep voting on what’s for dinner.” I got a little chuckle. 🙂

With so much corruption in government, violence around the world, and so many natural disasters, disease, and hunger…it’s easy to believe that we are in the last days, but nothing makes a believer out of me…like the General Elections. Every candidate, every politician desperately wants to convince me that he, or she will make a difference in state government, that they can improve the quality of life for all Texans. And they may be able to – to an extent. But God’s word is quite clear on what we should expect as His return draws near… and every day that passes makes His return another day closer. Praise God!

What are the chances that Jesus will return before the next presidential election? If only…

Be blessed.


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