Finding Faith in a faithless society

Recently, I was sharing a conversation with a woman who had found her lost faith in Christ. She was in the process of looking for a church home, but since she had yet to find one she felt strongly lead to attend, she was reading her bible daily and faithfully, and daily she said, the Lord was showing her many wonderous things. The conversation went on, but I could not help but be encouraged by her enthusiasm and eagerness to search the scriptures, to learn all she could about Jesus and to learn to recognize the voice of God. It was just her and God.  It was a breath of fresh air in today’s megachurch mentality. 

Megachurches have become nothing less than feelgood places. Positive thinkers in a negative world, forever preaching the word of God, but never grasping the life changing power of His majesty.

Matthew 9:36 Jesus was moved by compassion
Matthew 9: 2 Jesus saw their faith
Mathew 4 Jesus knew their thoughts

Christians are supposed to love others as themselves. However, harshly judged, but correctly judged Christians can be greedy, lack compassion, selfish, complacent, judgmental, lack self control, and self examination. So where is the body of Christ?

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