Rumors, Reports and Revelation

When will the end of the world be?  What does the Word of God say?  Who will you believe?

These days, so much is going on…in the physical world…and more so in the spiritual world. This site is dedicated to discussion of the end times.. the end times as discerned by the layman who reads the bible, who trusts in God and in the return of Jesus Christ for his church, or as it is commonly referred to, the rapture. So, how do I, or we begin to make sense of all the signs, and whose interpretation do we accept as more valid than not…

Well, with so many different doctrines, different cultures….a fragmented body of Christ that only gets more and more fragmented, our eyes need to be focused on Jesus and on His Word.
Prayer, without ceasing, must be a mainstay in the believer’s life.

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