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Well, I finally finished my book. The Lord is so good! I had never considered the significance of fathers, until the Lord opened my eyes…

A spiritual journey in search of understanding and a mission to discover family roots set the stage for God’s most significant work in my life. Success can often be measured by a person’s life chances. When fathers withdraw from their children, they leave them with fewer opportunities to succeed. They also leave wounds deep and wide that can take years to heal. The struggle for survival and achievement is profound.

Growing up fatherless is disconcerting as children learn to navigate their world in a society quick to slap a label on them. From infancy, a child’s identity is framed by his family life, a self-fulfilling prophecy is set in motion. The factors involved are many and varied. The statistics show a high percentage of children growing up in single-parent homes, also grow up in poverty. This book presents personal stories of the struggles encountered through four generations of women raised without the love, the influence and the support of a father.

Discovering four generations of single parenting in my lineage was astonishing. Nonetheless, it was my reality. How will the Lord end this curse? Click here for a chance to win a free copy! Thank you for reading!

Be blessed!

The end of another year…

It’s unbelievable how quickly this year has passed. On the last day of the year, I can say the Lord has been merciful. He has been gracious. He has shown favor to His servant. I am so thankful that the Lord is faithful.

This year has seen tremendous change and exciting travels. I can’t believe my daughter and I moved back into the city. I went through two jobs. My husband retired from his job of 33 years. We took a road trip to D.C., New York City, to the NC lighthouses, the Biltmore Estate in Asheville N.C., the Grand Canyon, the west coast, down to the Santa Monica Pier, up to the Redwoods, Yellowstone, White Sands, and so many other beautiful attractions. We even took a Whale Watching Tour in Seattle. It was an unbelievable experience! The camera lens could not capture the beauty our eyes beheld. My husband and I also renovated my old townhouse. It was one adventure after the other.

In 2018, the year of God’s favor I can reflect back and see the goodness of the Lord. This was the year of restoration. He has put this joy in my heart that cannot be quenched. There is a song in my heart that was never there before. After 20 years, the Lord had fulfilled His promise to restore everything the enemy had stolen. I am still in awe of how the Lord worked in my life to bring me to a place full of grace. The Lord not only blessed me, but He blessed my household. My daughters finally experienced the love of a father.

So to end the year, my youngest daughter elected to have a gastric bypass. She’s had problems with her weight since being diagnosed with Chiari Malformation in 2103. She had surgery to correct the malformation, but afterward had to take various meds to deal with HPB, leaking brain fluid and other ailments. She’s been a mess. This year she decided to have the surgery to help with the weight. When she gets that under control it should help with the other ailments. She will be in the hospital for a couple of days. She was able to take FMLA to recover and adjust to her new lifestyle. My husband and I are bringing in the New Year at the hospital, along with my daughter’s 5 y/o son and her oldest sister and fiancé. I did not want her to be alone on New Years Eve.

So as I say goodbye to another year I sit and reflect on all the Lord has brought me through. I remember the Diary of Christian Woman, a book I published in 2014. It was a collection of journals where I recorded my struggles through the years after my divorce. I can read it now and see how the Lord was teaching. I can see His mercy and abounding grace on every page.

I can look over at my husband, a man I fell in love with more than 30 years ago. I am awed at how the Lord orchestrated our reunion after so many years. I am in awe at his quiet and gentle spirit, so full of grace. He survived years of struggles without losing his compassion for others, without becoming resentful or bitter. God bless him.

So I wish everyone out there a happy and prosperous and very blessed New Year. I also pray for a year full of God’s goodness to share with others.

Be blessed! & HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

White Sands – NM

So as you approach the White Sands National Monument on Route 70, you start seeing all this white stuff. It’s hard to identify from the road. Wow! As you get closer…it just becomes amazing! White as snow, but not… it’s made of gypsum crystals and unlike sand, it’s not hot. It’s is an awesome sight to behold.

“Thus says the Lord, your Redeemer, and the one who formed you from the womb, “I, the Lord, am the maker of all things, stretching out the heavens by Myself, and spreading out the earth all alone.”(Isaiah 44:24)  Praise His name!

Thank you for stopping by. Be blessed!

Images of West Texas

Hi everyone! Just thought I would share a few more pics of our travels. Earlier this month we traveled up to the McDonald Observatory located near Ft. Davis. The drive was long but pretty amazing. We found a few spots to take a break from driving and managed to capture some interesting shots. I love that no matter which route we were on we saw some breathtaking views of God’s creations.



“And Moses said to the people, “Do not be afraid. Stand still, and see the salvation[b] of the Lord, which He will accomplish for you today.” Exodus 14:13 (NKJV) 


We could not find what we needed at this Target. 



“In all your ways acknowledge Him,
And He shall direct your paths.” Proverbs 3:6 (NKJV)



“Who is the man who fears the LORD? He will instruct him in the way he should choose.” Psalm 25:12 (NKJV)



“Look at the birds of the air, for they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?” Matthew 6:26 (NKJV)


DSC_5659Praise God! More later…

The Storm Clouds

It’s been a while since my last post. I miss writing, so I am going to try and sit down and just write. The Lord has done so much in my life the past few months. His mercy has been endless. Taking a road trip was the highlight of the summer. We took a road trip out west and it was absolutely amazing! We took over 160 gigs of photos. We managed to catch a few storms once we got out of the Texas heat. Here are a few pics of storm clouds. I love clouds!

“The Lord is slow to anger and great in power,
And will not at all acquit the wicked. The Lord has His way
In the whirlwind and in the storm,
And the clouds are the dust of His feet.” (Nahum 1:3)

Stay tuned for more pics of our road trip!

What is the love of Christ?

“I look back over the events of my life and see the hands that carried Moses to his grave lifting me out of mine. In remembering I go back to these places where God met me and I meet him again and I lay my head on his breast, and he shows me the land beyond the Jordan and I suck into my lungs the fragrance of his breath, the power of his presence.”
― Rich Mullins

The message at church yesterday touched on the love of Christ. As the pastor began his sermon – it was about the love of God. I have heard it often in church. Pastor’s message was focused on defining the love of Christ. Specifically, what do we mean when we say we love Christ? I thought, “I know what I mean when I say it.” As the pastor spoke, I had all these thoughts and questions going through my head. I wondered if I had a good understanding of what it meant to love God. How can I possibly know if I do? Can it be recognized? Do I show the love of God to others, to those close to me. Do they sense it? Does God acknowledge it? I wondered if fellow believers had a good grasp on the concept.

When I say I love Christ, I mean I love Him as He loves me. Unconditionally. As it says in Daniel 3, confident that God would save them, the young Hebrew men adamantly told the King that even if God didn’t save them they would still not bow to another God. I love my Lord so much that I prayed earnestly for Him to remove any desire for companionship. It was during my journey – during years of unemployment (not for lack of job searching) – I came to rely wholeheartedly on the God I could not see. Yes, He became the God I could not see, but yet He saw me clearly. He not only saw me, but with a raging fury He chased me day and night, calling me out. Several pastors became messengers, as did Rich Mullins and his music. During this journey, I came to realize the reality of my walk with Christ. I did not need a man, the lusts of the world, a job, or affirmation to feel complete, to feel worthy. It was in that time that the Lord began to chip away at the very core of who and what identified me. If you said the world. You are correct. The moment we exit the womb the world grabs us by the feet and throws us into its very clutches. The world that I was born into was remarkably different from the world my children and grandchildren were born into, thank God, but the mission has not changed.

The Lord unraveled years of socialization into a world that could never satisfy, or be satisfied. It was in those bitter years the Lord had me on a diet of trial, tribulation and honey. Slowly, the Lord was renewing my thoughts, revealing my true identity, teaching me His truths, teaching me to pray, and to accept that my walk with Him was not always about me. It took me a while to recognize that He was re-socializing me. It was indeed a journey full of reflection. Eventually, the Lord did say, “You are ready to go. Leave this place.” And of course, at that point I was not ready, but God, being God, He prepared the path and I set my feet on it – with Him leading the way.  It’s easy to understand when someone invests time and energy training an individual that the purpose for the training is to eventually say, “It’s time.” I had a bible study teacher that would always point that out. He’d say something like, “I am training you in the things of God, so you can share the love and knowledge of Christ with others and bring them to the saving knowledge of Christ that brought you here.”

In my encounters with the living God, sometimes in the wee hours of the morning, I found comfort and fulfillment that drew me ever closer to my Lord. Unattached, my thoughts could always be focused on Him. If He spoke to me in the middle of the night I was prepared to take notes. It was on this journey that the Lord brought me to the point of surrender and to identify with the King of Kings, as a child of the King, and forever resigned my worldly identify. The Lord took me out of the place I was in for so many years and He set my feet in a new place, a place I could never have imagined and I have a pretty good imagination. In a new place is where He has me now. He’s teaching me new things to build on what He spent years rebuilding.

I am quite familiar with the unconditional love of Christ, and all to familiar with His grace and mercy that flows ever so abundantly – too often in the most undeserving moments – and across circumstances. I pray the Lord will always allow me to show that same love, grace and mercy to others, as He leads and not by how I feel, or what others say I should feel. In your name, Jesus Christ.

The Lord used Rich Mullins, his music and his ministry to teach me. There is still much to learn in this walk with Christ.

“I would like to encourage you to stop thinking of what you’re doing as ministry. Start realizing that your ministry is how much of a tip you leave when you eat in a restaurant; when you leave a hotel room whether you leave it all messed up or not; whether you flush your own toilet or not. Your ministry is the way that you love people. And you love people when you write something that is encouraging to them, something challenging. You love people when you call your wife and say, ‘I’m going to be late for dinner,’ instead of letting her burn the meal. You love people when maybe you cook a meal for your wife sometime, because you know she’s really tired. Loving people – being respectful toward them – is much more important than writing or doing music.”
― Rich Mullins