A little about me, well… I am up to a grandmother of four, three boys and one girl. I am single but was once married and out of that marriage came three beautiful daughters. They are all grown up but still hang at home. I live in south Texas, born and raised. I used to be an army wife, and that took me to places I might not ever have visited, much less lived in. A few years ago, I had the opportunity to travel around the great state of Texas, when my older siblings ran for public office. In many ways, that was an excellent experience for me.

I have a passion for reading God’s Word and sharing with others, well at least anyone who will listen, the knowledge the Lord shares with me. I love writing, taking pictures, capturing moments, digital art and watching old movies. I have kept journals of how the Lord has moved in my life for the last twenty years. Today, when I face various trials, I can go back and read how the Lord worked in my life to get me through many difficult times. In these last days seems the world is going farther and farther south. It becomes more and more difficult to find truth in this saturated market of televangelists, churches on every corner, and everyone is a Christian, but our society grows ever so wicked.

Every sunrise, every sunset, every ocean wave, praise His holy name. How great is our God!!!






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