Psalm 35 – I love the Psalms

Good Sunday morning to all. I just wanted to share one of my favorite Psalms. Well, really I just love the Psalms. When the waves come crashing in and I have no where to turn, I turn to the Psalms. As our nation gets ever more divided - I worry not. The only division that … Continue reading Psalm 35 – I love the Psalms

What makes a good father?

Hello everyone. I hope everyone is having a wonderful time prepping for the upcoming holiday season. It crept up on me. I can't believe it's already the middle of September. For me, this year has been one of many challenges. That makes me most thankful for God's ever abounding grace.This past December (2018) I finally finished … Continue reading What makes a good father?

From the youngest of all – comes wisdom

In 2013, when my grandson was born,  his first day home, he began to experience some health issues. He gave us a fright. We prayed and we took him to the ER where the doctors were unable to diagnose a condition. He was admitted to the NICU for testing and treatment for what they suspected was a seizure … Continue reading From the youngest of all – comes wisdom