The Reproach

This blog is all about sharing…sharing knowledge of the scriptures gained through personal experiences, observations and opinions, or as the Lord reveals insight about living in this last hour. This is a long message, contemplated on for a few days, simple, but I hope the reader will glean from it as the Lord desires.

Safe in America

First of all, as Americans we live in a very secure nation. Nevertheless, when our foundation is shaken we are easily disturbed by fear of the unknown. For many, at this point is when they turn to God. Still, through the socialization process, we gain a sense of assurance, that for the most part we are safe in our communities and safe from foreign invaders. However, having this assurance does not prevent some of us from experiencing fear and panic when law enforcement helicopters start hovering over our streets searching for a gunman that just shot down an 18 year-old man. Regardless, we remain secure in the knowledge that we live in a society where our defenses are impenetrable.

I live in San Antonio, so I am only about two and a half hours from the Mexican border. Regardless of living so close to Mexico the fear of an enemy invasion via Mexico, or enemy fire from the across the border never seems to cross anyone’s mind. Apparently, we don’t need fences to feel secure. It’s ingrained into our DNA. We tend to have this arrogance that no one would dare invade the USA, even after Sept. 11. Nevertheless, I am confident that most people would agree that we are living in dangerous times either globally, locally, or both, believer, and unbeliever alike. This need for security, to feel secure, no one can deny, but it comes at a high price. As the saying goes, “Freedom has never been free.”  Read more